Diversity and equality Manifest

Guess who’s been named 30 under 30… He’s kind of a big deal.

He’s a killer Account Manager, our Head of Diversity (no, we’re not talking about his taste in music), and now he’s been named in PR Week’s 30 under 30. We give you…Julian Obubo. If you’ve been in or around our office in the last week, you’ll have surely heard a certain Julian referring to himself […]

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Heineken’s latest ad: a win or just a lesser fail?

We all saw the Pepsi ad a few weeks ago (Julian added his 2 cents here) and yesterday, Heineken released their latest ad based around a similar theme of polar opposites coming together and realising that we’re all not that different after all. This sparked a bit of a conversation on the Manifest Slack. Check […]

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Pepsi advert Kendall

Who signed that Pepsi advert off?

I would have loved to be in the boardroom when the concept of Pepsi’s infamous protest ad was pitched. It probably went something like this: Creative: Guys, I think I’ve got it! Okay..we’ve got Kendall Jenner! Execs: Yeah? Go on Creative: Protests Execs: Oh! Controversial, yeah, go on… Creative: Police line Execs: Can we go […]

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