Why Manifest loves your big lady balls

Beyonce might have us believe that girls run the world, but a recent study by Anti Bullying Charity ‘Ditch the Label’ found that one in three young women believe their gender will hinder their career, compared with less than 4% of boys. One 16-year-old girl involved in the study reported ‘I think I could get […]

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Is Twitter dead on it's arse?

Is Twitter dying on its arse?

Here at Manifest, we like to look for the good in things. So, while some people are busy predicting that Twitter will soon be following Friends Reunited into the social media graveyard, here’s three reasons it isn’t exactly dying on its arse as some would have you believe… 1) It predicted the result of the […]

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More than a perk

Why unlimited holiday is so much more than a perk

  Starting this year, Manifest London and Manifest New York now offer all employees unlimited holiday. When I have mentioned this to friends, family or others in the industry, people often look bemused. Frequently, they proceed to tell me how this will undoubtedly result in having an empty office most of the year. Some people think about it for […]

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