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Dear Haters…

So the Manifest team was shocked this morning by a group of people handing out cards of hatred to overweight people on public transport. If you missed it – here’s the card in question: @kflorishpic.twitter.com/gBIvj69WQ1 — Kara Florish (@kflorish) November 28, 2015 Pretty shocking, eh? Anyway, we’ve created our own cut-out-and-keep card for people to […]

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Why your brand doesn’t want a ‘viral’ video

I know what you’re thinking. I’m the head of production for Manifest London, and I’m telling you point blank that you absolutely, 100% do not want a viral. Naturally, it does feel like ‘cutting one’s nose off to spite their face’ – for want of a better cliché – but I have my reasons. Here’s […]

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Manifest team

Manifest does TEDxBrixton

You won’t find the term “TEDache” in a dictionary, but it’s something that very much exists. It’s a phrase that describes the learning-induced headache you get after attending a TEDTalk. The sheer volume of information, the many inspiring speeches and a roller coaster of emotions all crammed into a single day. Last Saturday, the Manifest team attended TEDxBrixton as part of […]

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BoJo tackle

What Rocked This Week?

Check out our blog every Friday for our round up of the things that have caught our attention in the week.  If you have something to add, tweet your suggestions to @ManifestLDN and we’ll share them in the next issue!   The Electric Jukebox is a thing This week the Manifest Team rocked the launch of […]

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