The Manifest Guide to News Generation

Hands up if you’ve ever read an article in a newspaper or magazine that has influenced you enough to check out the brand’s website to find out more, perhaps even buy the product or trial their service? *Pat yourself on the back that PR agency* On the flip side, have you ever seen a headline and questioned […]

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Google Logo

Why Google’s new logo really doesn’t matter.

Google changed its logo. And we like it. But it’s not really the tectonic shift the internet is making out. The Google brand is one of the strongest in the world, but that is exactly why tinkering with the logo really isn’t a big deal. Rather, the internet’s reaction is a reflection of how attached we can become to […]

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Picture by: CNET

Mani5 – our weekly list of awesome

Manifest LDN is loud, very loud. That’s why we like to comment on everything that’s been going on, from both planet Manifest and beyond.  Check out our blog every Friday to find out five things we’ve been talking about this week. Tweet to @ManifestLDN for suggestions – and brace yourselves for our opinion about it. Starbucks cares about your […]

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Community Management 101: Navigating Negativity

  No one likes being told your work is shit. That the product you’ve spent years perfecting, iteration after iteration, was a waste of time. That @MarketingGuru1986’s 4 year old “could have come up with a better strapline in his sleep #GetInTheSea.” But, unfortunately negative brand mentions are something that every brand, big or small, […]

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