April Fools’ Day 2017: Our top 10 brand hoaxes from the big day

It was the day to trust no man and no brand. From the sublime to the ridiculous, April Fools is all about the weird and wonderful and in a world of fake news, you’d be forgiven for thinking some of these were true.

Never one to miss out on the action, we joined the party and spread a little mischief ourselves launching the world’s first artificial intelligence account executive to “enhance the holistic package of integrated communications” here at Manifest. We wanted to make sure all our ducks were in a row,  creative executions were dialled up to 11, we touched base with clients and all that other PR 101 spiel you hear.

Don’t worry though we haven’t given over to the bots just yet…

Here are our top 10 spoofs that nearly had us fooled over the weekend

  1. Netflix Live

Will Arnett, a microwave and 48 minutes of oddly meditative narration. Netflix Live was just ridiculous enough to be true.

Thanks to the genius’ at Netflix, you could watch a 24-hour “live” broadcast of Will Arnett commenting on random objects and activity’s and people couldn’t get enough.

  1. Emirates Airline

Emirates announced its triple-decker plane, and with a different time zone on its side, nearly had us. The UAE reaches April 1st before the UK and without that important date stamp, could it…no, surely not…but is it…somehow… true?!

No of course not because a three storey plane is MENTAL. The swimming pool, games room, gym and park would’ve been nice on a long-haul flight though…

  1. Life of Grime

Kudos to the BBC for getting in on the tomfoolery, mocking up a genius BBC Three documentary starring national treasure David Attenborough. The subject? Grime music.

Whilst this is surely too amazing for anyone to believe, it did fool one of grimes biggest stars, Stormzy, and boy did it get him good. Taking to twitter to air his views, he sent a savage direct message to BBC Three before issuing a public apology when the penny dropped.

  1. Giffgaff cracked phone screen balm

The mobile network Giffgaff introduced something we’ve all been crying out for; cracked screen repairing balm. The “revolutionary” new moisturising balm is designed to repair cracked phone screens, winding back the clock to before you dropped it climbing out of a taxi at 4 in the morning, and keeps all phones as youthful as they day they were unboxed.

Unfortunately, this life saver will have to wait for another day.

  1. SUBzero

Subway launched its new range that’s so cool it’s ice cold… Ice-cream. Yeah, that’s right, Subway flavoured ice-cream.

Tuna, Chicken Tikka and Meatball Marinara flavoured ice cream were launched as part of the brand’s limited edition summer menu and had everyone shouting ‘please God be April Fools’.

Luckily it was and we can go on pretending like it never happened.

  1. Sknickers

Special shout out to Snickers and Freuds for doing a cracking April Fools this year.

Announcing ‘Sknickers’, a range of underwear aimed at men simply because “no one knows nuts like Snickers.” Teaming up with Rankin, they did a great promo video that set twitter alight.

Just brilliant.

7. Alexa for pets

Y’know how every pet owner thinks they have can understand their pet? Well, now Amazon has made it possible. Well nearly…

“Petlexa”, the animal-friendly version of its voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa, gives mankind the power of Dr Doolittle and animals the power of speech. Whether you have a cat, dog or guinea pig, they can now speak to you and fulfil every pet owners dream.

Well for one day only they could… Damn you April 1st!

  1. Coca-Cola Helium

The latest edition to the Coca-Cola range is poised to hit the shelves with probably the best flavour yet, Helium. The drink delivers on the classic Coca-Cola flavour, but with the added oomph of a squeaky voice.

This latest news is set to really inflate Coca-Cola’s range, lifting consumer’s spirits as the range continues to balloon into a flyaway success… okay enough of the helium jokes…

  1. Tattooed Train Tickets

We’ve all done it, gone to hand over our train ticket to the inspector before boarding to find ourselves frantically patting every pocket and unpacking every bag before admitting that the ticket is lost forever.

Well, Virgin Trains have a solution for you…. Train ticket tattoos.

Thanks to the magic of Tick-Ink, misplacing a paper ticket is a thing of the past because what better way to always have your ticket on hand, than to have it on your hand, permanently tattooed.

  1. Krispy Cream

Apparently, there’s a lot of confusion here in the UK over the spelling and pronunciation of Krispy Kreme. Is it Kreme or Cream, who knows? To help aid the Kreme/Cream fiasco, the UK franchise is distancing itself from its American mothership to become the far less catchy Krispy Cream.

It may seem like a lame joke but loads of people fell for it, including the Metro bless them.

Spotted one that we haven’t? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @ManifestLDN


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