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Holmes Report 2017 made it official – we’re in the top two best agencies to work for in the UK. This means two things. Firstly, we want to show you all about how they came to this conclusion by sharing some of the things that make us ask, is it Monday yet? Secondly, we’re not resting on our laurels. Instead, we’re continuing to strive for ways that we can arrive at number one next year; because being a rewarding, fun and well-balanced place to work is of the utmost importance to us.

Holmes Report Best Agencies To Work For, Manifes


Manifest Balance

We offer universal benefits which make your work/ life balance, that little bit better. These can be accessed from day one at Manifest that look to go beyond ‘perks at work’. With different Balance levels and options, it is tailored by employees, dependent on their tenure as a ‘Manifestie’ and their particular work / life circumstances. Love nothing more than seeing the latest London exhibitions like Julian? We offer a Tate membership for that. If you’re a fitness fiend like Niamh, gym memberships are right here waiting for you. Moving flat soon like Becki? Have a moving van on us…

Manifest Balance    Manifest Balance

Unlimited Holiday

They laughed. Then they looked in disbelief and asked how… Now, when we tell people about our unlimited holiday, we can also tell them how it’s reduced stress levels, improved client service, and upped job satisfaction. It’s a system based on trust and empowerment of our team. With that trust comes responsibility and an ownership to respect and protect the policy. Collectively, we see unlimited holiday, not just as a perk or a benefit, but also plain common sense. No longer do we save up holiday, but we spend it as and when we really need it with real breaks from the office, giving time to relax, reflect and recharge. Down with the ‘Fakecation’!

Manifest Balance

Parental Leave

Because, it’s not only a mother’s right to access leave around the birth of a child. Because, to get more women in the boardroom, we need to get more men in the home. Because, nurturing and building family life is a partnership between parents. Because of this, we’ve provided processes to work hard for, and with that partnership – real parental leave. Because, equality.

Manifest Balance

Manifest best agencies to work

We’re talking about a great package from a monetary standpoint (it’s up there with some of the best policies in the industry), as well as a flexible back-to-work structure that affords parents the support they need to return to work at the pace that works for them and their families. Either parent can take that leave at any point during the first three years of a child being born.

Diversity and Equality

To guarantee no gender pay-gap in like-for-like positions or work, we are committed to a strict salary formula. It correlates directly to our employee’s contribution to their business and works towards zero discrimination. As it happens, our senior management is currently a 50:50 split of men and women, proportional to the overall makeup of our business and part of our constant ethos of balance. Of course, this fluctuates as we grow but maintaining this ratio is key to our business plan. We take it so seriously, that we formalised Julian’s passion for diversity and equality into his position of Head of Diversity & Equality. He works to keep Manifest ahead of the curve in both areas, not just internally but through event and conference attendance and representation.

Diversity and equality Manifest

Can I get an award over here?

So Holmes Report and PR Week are in agreement… We’re one of the best agencies to work for in the UK. Cheers to that.