Dear creative industry

Dear Creative Industry; I love you, but we need to talk.

Last month, I was lucky / brave / drunk enough to take part in the first ever Glug Leeds Tech Off – delivering a talk entitled ‘Dear Creative Industry; I love you, but we need to talk’. It was the first time McDanimal & his crew had ventured that far up the M1, and boy were […]

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Manifest Thursday Club

Did someone say Thursday Club?

If you haven’t joined us before, Thursday Club is that time of the month where we grab a drink with the old, the new, the thirsty. Because what’s better than being in the pub with friends on a Thursday evening. We’ll make our friendship Facebook official and everything. The brief? As ever… To be bigger, better… […]

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Manifest gives London a taste of Vivino

Vivino is the world’s largest wine app, with a 22million strong community of wine newbies, lovers and aficionados all ranking and sharing their honest feedback on bottles from all over the world. Each year these ratings are used to celebrate the most popular bottles of wine through the Vivino Wine Style Awards. As an agency […]

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Manifest does TEDxBrixton

You won’t find the term “TEDache” in a dictionary, but it’s something that very much exists. It’s a phrase that describes the learning-induced headache you get after attending a TEDTalk. The sheer volume of information, the many inspiring speeches and a roller coaster of emotions all crammed into a single day. Last Saturday, the Manifest team attended TEDxBrixton as part of […]

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