Is Twitter dead on it's arse?

Is Twitter dying on its arse?

Here at Manifest, we like to look for the good in things. So, while some people are busy predicting that Twitter will soon be following Friends Reunited into the social media graveyard, here’s three reasons it isn’t exactly dying on its arse as some would have you believe… 1) It predicted the result of the […]

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New BBC homepage enters public beta

And we like it. Always seems to be a bit of a touchy subject though, the current design which has been live for just over a year hit quite a few nerves with frequent users. Guess what – we liked that version too. Forgive us if we may seem biased, but we don’t think there’s […]

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Site of the week

Bret “purveyor of impossible dreams” Victor manages to wow us all with the latest version of his personal website – it may not look like much from the onset but take a look around, especially in the Kill Math section. Cool ain’t it? This guy also designed the first User Interface for the iPad, and I’m […]

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