New BBC homepage enters public beta

And we like it. Always seems to be a bit of a touchy subject though, the current design which has been live for just over a year hit quite a few nerves with frequent users. Guess what – we liked that version too. Forgive us if we may seem biased, but we don’t think there’s […]

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Site of the week

Bret “purveyor of impossible dreams” Victor manages to wow us all with the latest version of his personal website – it may not look like much from the onset but take a look around, especially in the Kill Math section. Cool ain’t it? This guy also designed the first User Interface for the iPad, and I’m […]

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Web Dev Top 10 Series: jQuery Plugins

As far as JavaScript Frameworks go – I’ve been round the block. My first brush with one was MooTools (which is still and probably always will be a great alternative to jQuery), but I’ve also come into contact to prototype and to name a few more. Infact if you have a quick search or […]

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