Election 2.0

Okay – I’m aware that everyone has blogged about this, and therefore nobody is interested in more musings on Obama’s social media campaign. However, the web is all about opinions eh, and given that this is my blog (and I’m pretty much it’s biggest fan) I’ve decided to crack on and chuck my tuppence-worth in. […]

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Wassup Tweeple?

Do you know your Tweetbeep from your Twanslate? I love Twitter. Fact. That might, in some eyes (okay – most eyes) make me appear a geek. It wasn’t always that way. There was a time when I used to regard Twitter with confusion and disdain in equal measure – my impression of the serial tweeter […]

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Dipity 2 dah

It’s been around for a while but Dipity 2.0 is like, well, like your life flashing before you. Aside from providing a wealth of benefits when mapping projects, the combination with Daylife provides an exceptional tool to review news content around a specific issue according to time and date. The timeline is, for me, by […]

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