Why Manifest will never disclose its gender pay gap

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sisters sticking together and standing up for what’s right. But let’s take a step back…

International Women’s Day is not about stamping our Jimmy Choos or Converse Kicks and shouting about a gender pay gap, or what we haven’t got. It’s about saying ‘you go girl’ and cheering each other on. Let’s celebrate accomplishments and success stories. We applaud all the women out there who are achieving amazing things and offering a role model for girls to aspire to. In fact, we pledge to support and hero these women because of their achievements. #BeBoldForChange isn’t a hashtag for a day, it should be a way of life.

The gender pay gap

Here at Manifest our commitment to equality works both ways, we’re not about fighting for one sex over the other but making sure everyone is treated fairly. People are just, well, people. In the Manifest Penthouse, everyone is treated the same irrelevant of our sex, background or race and we find it pretty astounding that not everyone shares our view of the world. We’re not just about supporting women but creating an environment ‘people’ will thrive in. For the world of PR and creative agencies we actually have a healthy boy/girl split. So, as an agency we strive to treat everyone as equals, that’s why Manifest offers exactly the same benefits to everyone. Male or female you are entitled to parental leave across all our global offices. Rather than just having a top-notch maternity leave package we decided that Dads need to enjoy their children too (and also have the sleepless nights) so we offer men exactly the same as women when they decide to go and procreate. What about how much they get paid though? Well we would never disclose our gender pay gap, why? Because we don’t have one. All staff are paid for the job they do based on their expertise and experience. Not the size of their balls (if they were a few of the woman here would be earning some big bucks).

We also like to rock the boat and do what’s right for us, rather than the industry status quo. Hence why this isn’t another ‘why women are hard done by’ post. From unlimited holiday, to flexi hours and now part time working, it’s about us giving each individual the opportunity to shape their role at Manifest and make it a career for life. #lovemyjob

Gender pay gap

Not only 100 psychology experts but common sense tells us that when people love their job they are better at it. Recently released research from Timewise announced that there has been a 12% increase in senior level execs working part time over the past year (not just women). This not only offers hope to younger team members but also helps to bolster the confidence of those of us that already do this. Historically it’s been viewed that the higher up the ladder you climb the less likely part-time work is an option, but if senior directors at the MOD can make it work we sure as hell can. (and do).

We’ve never been a 9-5 posse and in an industry that constantly offers flexibility for our clients, it makes sense to treat our team with the same respect. You’d assume that most people would use some emotional intelligence to manage their business and that’s what we like to think our 50 male /50 female exec team does. We pledge to challenge stereotypes, redefine the status quo, query all-male (or all-female) speaking panels and use our expertise to increase women’s visibility in the media.

Taking stock of females in today’s world

Women are in the strongest position that they have been in for years. We again have a female PM running the country, the top job in the police force looks likely to go to a woman and Nicola Sturgeon, you might not like her but, hello, talk about owning it! Millions of women around the world marched against Trump and Hillary Clinton was damn close to being the leader of the free world. Yes, a gender pay gap is an issue in too many industries, only 23% of board seats have female butts filling them and less than 30% of PR agencies are being run by women. However, all of these stats are better than two years ago already. Change is happening and we need to continue to strive to make us all equal, so let’s be confident we are going in the right direction at least.

The gender pay gap

We are lucky enough to live in a country and time where women have rights and support one another. So this International Women’s Day, Manifest will be raising a glass to all the strong women out there, the business leaders, the poets, the mothers, the entrepreneurs, the sports stars and every other lady that has stood up for something.