Lent… the Manifest way

It doesn’t have to be about food. It doesn’t have to be for just 40 days. It doesn’t even have to be about giving something up. Here’s what Lent looks like in the Manifest office…

Too late now to say sorry…?

“I’m giving up excuses.”
– Julian Obubo

Manifest Lent

Not giving up

“I don’t believe in giving up… I’m taking up reading, though (other than the news – I don’t read enough), specifically autobiographies – so send any recommendations my way!”
– Milly Jones

The power of one thing at a time

“For one of my clients, Workfront, we often discuss how to ensure you’re at your most productive. In a new campaign we’re working on, the literature reveals that the average worker switches their attention every three minutes… I think sometimes my attention span can be even worse than that. Hence, this Lent, I’m giving up constant checking of digital platforms and giving myself time where I can really get my head into one task. I will increase my attention span and my work will be better for it. Watch this space.”
– Emma Catchpole

Switching off to open up

“This year I’m giving up screens before bed for Lent. Not only have I read in the Daily Mail about the connection between blue light from mobile phone screens and sleep deprivation, but I’d love to use this time to read my way through the growing number of books on my Manifest library reading list.”
– Becki Hemming

Downgrading a ‘need’ to a ‘want’… to a ‘don’t need at all’

“I’m giving up shopping. My New Year’s Resolution to save a certain amount of money a month failed… So I’m altering it slightly for Lent and going again. I definitely do NOT need any more make-up, clothes or shoes so for 40 days, I’ll see how much I can save.”
– Ellie Carter

Making the dream work

“I’m being super basic and giving up chocolate and sweets with Emma because things are always better in a team. TEAM WORK = DREAM WORK. I’m also taking up volunteering with Age UK because I think Lent doesn’t just have to be about giving things up, you can also take on doing something good as well.”
– Niamh Kelly

Printer says no

We love to come up with ideas for our clients that leave a positive impact on the environment so now I want to bring sustainability a step closer to the office. The amount of paper just one office can get through in a day is quite scary when you see it… It’s only logical that I give up printing for Lent.
– Aaron Maughan

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Happy Lent!

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