Been there, done that… completed the apprenticeship

To say this year has gone quickly would be an understatement. It feels like yesterday I started my apprenticeship at Manifest, an 18-year-old fresh from school, oblivious to what I was getting myself into ;). My Manifest apprenticeship has been the best experience I could have asked for, I’ve gone way beyond PR 101 and had a years worth of hands-on experience, which is why in my opinion, my apprenticeship has been more valuable than 4 years of uni (but that’s a whole different debate).

A year after I started my apprenticeship, get to know me!


Saffend (Southend-on-sea).

How many years have you worked in PR?

My apprenticeship was the start of my PR career, so one year today, woo!

The campaign that impressed you the most?

The campaign that I’ll always remember is #IPAtoIndia – Innis & Gunn. It was the first campaign I’ve ever worked on from start to finish. I remember being in the brainstorm when the idea to send a hitchhiker from Scotland to India, with nothing but IPA as currency, came up and I just thought WTF, can we actually do this? Turns out we can, we did, and the coverage came rolling in!

Go to publication for the hottest goss in the game?

80% of my news comes from people in the office or Twitter. People at Manifest are constantly sharing weird and wonderful articles.

Dream client?

I would love to work with a makeup brand. It’s an exciting time for the beauty industry, especially with the rise of influencer marketing and the sheer number of ethical brands. I’ve always really loved the Dove campaigns that promote body confidence in the most brilliant ways.

When I’m not working I’m?

Seeing friends & family or… shopping!

Karaoke song you nail every time?

I once sang Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ when I was about six with my auntie singing backup. It has also remained the only karaoke song I have ever sung.

Favourite drink?

I love anything fruity that reminds me of summer.

One thing I can’t live without is…

My dog. Check out his insta, trust me he’s a QT.

Favourite film?


What would you do as Manifest MD?

Prosecco tap. Every office needs one, especially us. Pretty please Neil?

Awesome. Show me more stuff like this.