Meet The Team: Anna Karlsson, Director

After our announcement in December about our shiny new office in Stockholm, we wanted to introduce you to some of the team. Anna Karlsson, one of our Directors over in Sweden answers Manifest’s 10 questions below:


I come from the amazing metropolis of Norrköping, which gives me what has been voted the worst dialect in Sweden. It is about a 2-hour drive south from Stockholm where I’ve now lived for almost 5 years.

How many years have you worked in PR?

I’ve been in PR – then Chief of Marketing in a B2B company – and then in PR again! I definitely love and adore working in an agency and to be able to join in on the journey of starting up Manifest Stockholm is just amazing!

Campaign that most impressed you?

There is a grocery store in Sweden called ICA that brought storytelling to life through TV commercials where you get to follow the same characters from campaign to campaign. They were the first to do that and even after 10 years they keep impressing. That is the first thing that comes to mind. Then we have the Volvo “Made by Sweden” campaign which is great. It’s always interesting and impressive to follow the Super Bowl commercials and campaigns of course.

Go to publication for the hottest goss in the game?

Here in Sweden my go-to is Dagens Media and Resumé, and for a more international perspective PR Week. I find every paper in the world interesting as they give you the scope of what is happening and what’s new!

Dream client?

My “fantastic 4” since I was young? Absolut Vodka, Coca Cola, H&M and IKEA. But now I feel like it would be a passionate startup with a business idea I believe strongly in so that we can create greatness together!

When I’m not working I’m?

Hanging out with friends, we love trying new food and restaurants and seeing new cities. In the wintertime I love to go skiing whereas in summertime water sports is a big favourite of mine.

Karaoke song you nail every time?

Unfortunately I absolutely cannot sing but still seem to think that Like a prayer by Madonna will “take everyone there”.

Favourite drink?

I can’t say no to a Frozen Margarita! Other than that I am a hopeless beer lover.

One thing I can’t live without is…

Being able to go for a swim in the ocean.

Favourite film?

When growing up it was the cartoon version of Robin Hood. When I watch it today with my cousin’s kids I realise that it is brilliant for adults as well, so I think it deserve the title. On a more serious note; Atonement, originally written by Jane Austen. That ending…puh!

What would you do as Manifest MD?

Hard question since Neil is nailing it as it is!

Awesome. Show me more stuff like this.