Rize Up

Rize Up, look sharp: reflecting on the under 25 voting force

In one of the most dramatic elections of our generation, early reports tell us there was a 73% voting turnout amongst the under 25s age group. Let’s just take a moment. Never before have young people been mobilised to vote in such numbers in what was a seminal moment in British politics. RECOGNISE. As something very […]

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Introducing one half of our Swedish dream team: Josefine

Fresh from her honeymoon, one half of our Swedish dream team is back in the office, absolutely smashing work and married life. Now it’s time for us to get as up close and personal with Josefine (our Co-Founder and Director in Stockholm) as a blog post will allow. Hometown I grew up in Norrköping and […]

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Account Executive

PR you ready for this: life as an Account Executive

 When I first told people I was moving to Manifest to be an Account Executive, it was often met with a wow. A pause. And you’ll definitely not be bored there’. Admittedly, that did scare me a little. Bored was an odd word though. I was never bored at my last agency, in fact, I […]

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Manifest Thursday Club

Did someone say Thursday Club?

If you haven’t joined us before, Thursday Club is that time of the month where we grab a drink with the old, the new, the thirsty. Because what’s better than being in the pub with friends on a Thursday evening. We’ll make our friendship Facebook official and everything. The brief? As ever… To be bigger, better… […]

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