Stockholm Syndrome – Julian Obubo checks out our Swedish office

Our Stockholm office has been running for a few months and as a veteran Manifestee, I felt I could be of some help in ensuring both offices are rowing in the same direction.

To be honest, I wasn’t too pleased when I saw the temperature in Stockholm was going to be -5 degrees celsius. But I’m not one to turn down an opportunity to experience different cultures and meet new people. The view from the plane window pretty much confirmed that I was in for a cold couple of days. Sweden from the sky was pretty much blanketed in snow, with forests, motorways and buildings adding speckles of colour to the pure white landscape. Stockholm’s temperature was as expected – FREEZING – but admiring the beautiful architecture as we walked to the office made me temporarily forget this fact.

One of the great things about using Slack at Manifest is how it renders borders immaterial. It’s not perfect and working in different time zones does present its challenges, but being able to meet up with a colleague in a different country and pick-up where you left off on Slack is a great plus.

We like to believe everything is better in Sweden, and while that’s mostly true (I say mostly because the weather ain’t better) I have to say, the coffee machine at our Stockholm office is straight out of Star Trek. To hell with cafetieres and capsules, this baby uses an iPad touchscreen to brew you some of the best tasting Americanos I’ve ever had. We need to figure out a way to set one up in London too. It might even make me do a tea round….once or twice.

Our short time in Stockholm was spent darting from meeting to meeting. We had a couple of new business meetings interspersed with meeting existing clients. I’ve got to say, the half day we spent with Houdini was probably the most inspired I’ve been in my five years at Manifest. It’s not often you sit in a room where everyone is extremely passionate about what they do and where they want their company to go. I’m proud to be working with such a visionary brand, and you can bet you’ll hear a lot more from them in the coming months.

I cannot write a blog about Sweden without mentioning delicious Swedish meatballs and aquavit. Aquavit (literal meaning: water of life) is an important part of Scandinavian drinking culture. We were treated to a Swedish folk song by Anna and Josefine before downing a shot of the drink. Much to the surprise of the Swedes, Alex and myself did not seem at all perturbed by the 37% ABV beverage. We both have strong constitutions, and attempting to drink us under the table is never wise.

After meetings were done, I had the opportunity to explore more of Stockholm over the weekend- it’s truly a stunning city, one I hope to be visiting often… during warmer months.  

Manifest has offices in Stockholm, London and New York and we’re recruiting. So, if you fancy joining our international family check out our careers page.

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