Save Our Sybil

“I need to do a Twitter campaign”

At Manifest HQ we’ve been running some really creative and engaging social campaigns of late. They’re fun, we can make a lot of noise and most importantly we keep our key stakeholders (our customers) happy. Social is more than a content plan for us. The content plan is our back bone but when we activate […]

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Manifest hits Japan with IWC Sake

Manifest takes Japan by storm with International Wine Challenge Sake

At Manifest, we get the opportunity to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with our clients – from throwing cats from a BrewDog helicopter, to catapulting cans of Orchard Pig cider from Glastonbury to London, or hitting the road with Gumtree on a week-long upcycling bus tour. However, this year the stakes were upped, when […]

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April Fools’ Day 2016: Our top five brand hoaxes

Trust no one. For today is April Fools’ Day and everyone is out to get you. From improbable products, to outlandish statements, and topical japes – a veritable feast of tomfoolery is invading the media today. Here’s our roundup of some brand hoaxes which have made us smile today… 1.H&M Mark Zuckerberg range. Just Grey T-shirts […]

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