Design of brexit

Power[word]play in the design of Brexit

We recently had a visit from Rob Coke, Strategy Director at Output Group, who treated us to his views on how design impacted the result of the EU referendum. In spite of resurfacing anger and tears, this was actually a fresh viewpoint on how the Vote Leave and Vote Remain brand campaigns were fought, won and […]

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Manifest New York

Why it’s sometimes a good thing to shit yourself a little

In eight weeks I’m upping sticks, saying goodbye to the big smoke and going to live in the bigger smoke. Manifest New York, I’m coming for you. “OMG, that is like, so Sex and the City. Are you excited?”, asks everyone on hearing my news. They’re always met with the same, uneasy and unexpected response: […]

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Bring Your Parents In Day

So. What do *you* do?!

Today is Bring in your Parents Day, an initiative set up by LinkedIn which “celebrates employees and the parents who helped them get to where they are today.” so we thought we’d ask some of the Manifest Mums & Dads what they thought it was that we did. Ali Maynard – Account Director “My Mum: ‘Use […]

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Welcome Home Sexy – branding Manifest’s new office

There’s an old saying up north; “there’s nowt as stressful as moving”, and, boy, do we know how much that rings true after our move from The Printworks to The Penthouse*. Thankfully, with a team like ours, the move happened smoothly, even with a painful experience with our fit-out company and some incredibly odd altercations […]

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