Houdini Sportswear's brand purpose

Would the real brand purpose please stand up?

Brand Purpose isn’t dying, you’re just doing it wrong. It’s eight years ago that Simon Sinek managed to codify the difference between successful brands and significant ones, in his book Start With Why. In fact, his TED talk with the same title appeared on YouTube during the first week of Manifest’s existence. Sitting there at […]

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Stress Down Day

Less fear, more cheer: getting involved with Stress Down Day.

 As Manifest’s Chief Happiness Officer, my role is to keep people feeling invigorated, motivated and happy. I’m talking dishing out the coverage crowns, organising Manifestival and making sure the table is covered in Fika delights come 3pm on a Tuesday. As well as the organisational skills and diary Tetris, my days are all about listening […]

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A Midtern for the better

So, a midtern… It’s a thing right? Let’s just make it a thing. I mean, that’s what I’m calling it, and I’m pretty sure that it’s been going on way before it was a nugget of a notion in my mind. But once it’s got a label, it’s real, right? ‘What is midterning?’ I hear […]

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Thursday Club X Macmillan Coffee Morning

#ThursdayClub X Macmillan Coffee Morning

#ThursdayClub is our way of bringing together the old the new and the thirsty. It’s all about meeting new, like-minded people over a few beers (and sometimes shots) after work. But this October (Thursday 5th), we’re switching things up and opening our doors early. Because why not stick the kettle on and invite everyone around […]

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