Bawler’s baller guide to building shit hot media lists

I love lists. You love lists. We all love lists. So why does being asked to compile a media list put the fear of god into us? Well that’s cos they take a bloody age, and so they should. Creating a good media list is essentially planning the media strategy for your story or campaign. […]

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Manifest Manifesto

Making Ideas Happen: A Manifesto.

  I sometimes get asked what I mean when I say Manifest London is an agency where ideas happen. We have a pledge everyone commits to when they join us – a creative manifesto if you like – and that pretty much sums it up. If you’re interested in how we work, this is a pretty […]

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Manifest NYC

Week one at New York’s newest (and most rock and roll) PR agency

In the words of Sting (paraphrased), “I’m a legal alien, I’m an English-woman in New York…” Lucy shares the news from across the pond… Born from the fires of the London office, Manifest New York is the next step in our expansion to become the “World’s first global small agency” – and I couldn’t wait to […]

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Natalie Bennett PR disaster

Natalie Bennett & how bad PR has killed British politics

In case you haven’t noticed, politics in Britain isn’t working. Just as media have evolved to allow unparalleled capacity for campaigning, it seems all political figures in the UK – from the back benches to the upper echelons of Government – have decided that real campaigning isn’t worth the risk. Due to a long history of […]

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