Associate Director – Manifest London

So, you fancy yourself as an associate director at Manifest do you? Turns out we do too. Your job is not really something we can simply jot down on paper or type into a recruitment post, but here are some responsibilities you can expect to take on from day one:

  • Oversee existing accounts, drive forward the new business process and participating in business development as part of the senior team.
  • Provide consultancy to clients – establishing a position of respect and influence with clients to push through bold campaign ideas and keep plans on track.
  • Takes control of team management – including development and training of junior members of staff.
  • Maintain an industry-leading position for Manifest through our own PR and marketing activities.
  • Create awesome content for the Manifest website/blog/social media profiles, including thought leadership and opinion pieces.
  • Take a proactive role in lead generation, approaching prospects, developing creds materials and case studies, preparing and presenting pitches and proposals, closing sales, co-ordinating team contributions to the overall new business process.
  • Contribute to the day-to-day running of the Manifest office, including proactive suggestions for improving the working environment.
  • Provides pastoral and career development support to junior Manifest team members, both through structured appraisal systems and day-to-day working relationships.
  • Helps to maintain a harmonious working culture, tackling smaller team issues and eliminating factors that undermine the Manifest values.
  • Ensure campaigns are run with the key Manifest characteristics: Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant.
  • Ensure that teams kick the shit out of the opportunity to be remarkable every day, and see this as a core goal for their work
  • Contribute to Manifest Labs – we need people who aren’t going to say, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, we need people who say, “it’ll be cool when we do/build/change/start this”.
  • Help the directors, ADs and SAMs deliver the Manifest Diploma training sessions on basics such as presentation training, time management, profitability, etc etc. Coming up with training topics and finding people to deliver them will also be in your remit.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If this is floating your boat, send your CV and one reason you’d like to work with us to