Where in the world is Manifest?

Manifest London                     Manifest New York
8-14 Vine Hill                           27 E. 28th Street
London                                      New York
EC1R 5DX                                 NY 10016

0203 1379 270                         (+1) 646 893-3009

hello@manifest.london          hello@manifest.nyc

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Alex Myers CEO Manifest Alex Myers CEO Manifest

Alex Myers

Director Pretends he's in charge
maja-zupan maja-zupan

Maja Zupan

Strategy Director Chuck Norris' worst nightmare
jemma-holliday jemma-holliday

Jemma Holliday

Associate Director Darcey's Mum
jessica-becker jessica-becker

Jessica Becker

Senior Account Director Don't want no scrubs
ali-maynard ali-maynard

Ali Maynard

Account Director Essex Del Boy
martin-farrar-smith martin-farrar-smith

Martin Farrar-Smith

Branding & Design Director Man of 1000 Simpsons references
adam-rae adam-rae

Adam Rae

Head of Production Lock up your daughters
helen-kelly helen-kelly

Helen Kenny

Account Director Deaf when drunk
annie-griffin annie-griffin

Annie Griffin

Chief Happiness Officer Canadian-Irish-Mexican little person
julian-obubo julian-obubo

Julian Obubo

Account Manager Beyonce botherer
thom-myers thom-myers

Tom Myers

Editor Northern accent
aaron-maughan aaron-maughan

Aaron Maughan

Senior Account Executive Pioneer of polite sarcasm
Milly Jones Milly Jones

Milly Jones

PR & Brand Consultant Tanfastic
harriet-evans harriet-evans

Harriet Evans

Publicist Our number one fan
emma-catchpole emma-catchpole

Emma Catchpole

Account Manager Has her own theme tune
elly-bm elly-bm

Elly Barham-Marsh

Senior Account Executive Absolutely Fabulous
Lucy Rogers Lucy Rogers

Lucy Rogers

Campaigns Manager A legal alien
mariana-hamel-smith mariana-hamel-smith

Mariana Hamel-Smith

Account Manager Welsh Trinidadian
guy-marturano guy-marturano

Guy Marturano

Account Manager He's new here. Be nice.
miles-ridgway miles-ridgway

Miles Ridgway

Cinematographer Barry
mike-casais mike-casais

Mike Casais

Account Executive Tiny soldier
niamh-kelly niamh-kelly

Niamh Kelly

Account Executive Kanye's number 2 fan
ellie-carter ellie-carter

Ellie Carter

Account Executive Neat freak
mattphoto_95_mf-390 mattphoto_95_mf-390

McNulty Pup

Chief Canine Officer Champagne cork addict