Where in the world is Manifest?

Manifest London                     Manifest New York
12 Albemarle Way                   79 Madison Avenue
London                                      New York
EC1V 4JB                                  NY10016

0203 1379 270                         (+1) 646 893-3009

hello@manifest.london          hello@manifest.nyc

Talk to us

Alex Myers Alex Myers

Alex Myers

Director Pretends he's in charge
Ali Maynard Ali Maynard

Ali Maynard

Account Director Essex Del Boy
George Hayley George Hayley

George Hayley

Account Director Pie & mash addict
Anna Jones Anna Jones

Anna Jones

Operations & Executive PA Officially made from sunbeams
Katie Bawler Katie Bawler

Katie Bawler

Senior Account Manager Wishes she was a little bit taller
Gemma Russell Gemma Russell

Gemma Russell

Senior Account Manager The Manifest welcome party!
Adam Rae Adam Rae

Adam Rae

Head of Production Lock up your daughters
Helen Kenny Helen Kenny

Helen Kenny

Account Manager Deaf when drunk
Lauren Preece Lauren Preece

Lauren Preece

Account Manager Oversharer
Julian Obubo Julian Obubo

Julian Obubo

Senior Account Executive Beyonce botherer
Tom Myers Tom Myers

Tom Myers

Production Assistant Northern accent
Aaron Maughan Aaron Maughan

Aaron Maughan

Account Executive Pioneer of polite sarcasm
Becki Hemming Becki Hemming

Becki Hemming

Account Executive Shellsuit Zombie
Milly Jones Milly Jones

Milly Jones

Account Executive Tanfastic
Harriet Evans Harriet Evans

Harriet Evans

Account Executive Always wears black
Carolina Are Carolina Are

Carolina Are

Account Executive Heavy metal fan
Lucy Rogers Lucy Rogers

Lucy Rogers

Account Executive A legal alien
mattphoto_95_mf-390 mattphoto_95_mf-390

McNulty Pup

Chief Canine Officer Champagne cork addict