At a time when people are more interested in turkey than ramen, posh instant noodle brand Kabuto Noodles tasked Manifest with creating a campaign to target time-poor professionals in the lead up to Christmas. The objective was to drive brand awareness and online engagement in the lead up to their busiest sales month in January.

Kabuto Noodles Kab-U-To Work

Using The Loop, Manifest’s research and campaign planning tool, ‘Christmas Party’ and ‘hungover’ were identified as key trends being discussed amongst time-poor professionals. Spotting an opportunity, Manifest created the Kab-U-To Work service as the ultimate hangover cure. For two weeks only, people were able to book a free Kabuto-branded cab to take them to work the morning after their Christmas party. Waiting for them in the cab was a hangover pack consisting of painkillers, mints, water, orange juice, personalised chopsticks and a hot, freshly prepared Kabuto Noodle pot.


  • January became Kabuto’s record sales month
  • 64 pieces of top tier coverage in two weeks
  • Global coverage including Daily Mail, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post and radio stations in UK and US
  • Over 350 applications for the service, driving traffic to the Kabuto Noodles website
  • 11% increase in Twitter followers and Facebook fans

Ace. Show me more stuff like this.