Manifest was briefed with developing innovative, branded content to leverage New Year’s resolutions to promote Les Mills’ introductory workout programme, ‘Smart Start’, and to highlight the benefit of group exercise.

Working with our content division, O, we created a dynamic one-take video that presented a close-up of a man straining and struggling to workout, with a hopeless voiceover which listed all the reasons they were unlikely to achieve their goals.

However, as the camera panned out from his sweating face, that same voice over is read in reverse. The negative messages we previously heard became positive reinforcement, and as the camera angle widens we see the man is now surrounded by a group exercising with him. This switch reveals how the resolve to succeed was always within him, but he needed to support of others to unlock it.

The video was viewed over 500,000 times and resulted in a 106% increase in organic search traffic and a 200% increase in applications for Les Mills classes.


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