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Introducing a simple platform to help people who are self-isolating during COVID-19


Samsung KX

Launching a cultural destination with a new influencer model

Sign of the [New York] Times

Manifest has appointed New York Times' Global Creative Director Chomoi Picho-Owiny as a creative director in London

Boxed off

Meal-kit subscription service Gousto has signed up Manifest as its comms agency partner, following a competitive pitch.


Show Stigma The Finger

The power of just one finger

Content in Motion

Manifest's content division O — producing digital content with soul and purpose.


Horizn One

Introducing the World's first luggage for space travel


Straws that don't suck

Introducing a brand that doesn't 'plastic coat' the facts about single-use plastics.

The importance of protecting our ideas

Why we thought it was time to stand up for IP

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