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The Blueprint for Parity

Manifest is the first to secure Blueprint status — an initiative aimed at promoting ethnic diversity from work experience to board level.


A Good Call

Welcome to the world’s first reverse cell phone store

International Agency of the Year

Manifest takes home international gold for the second year running

Getting DRTY

Manifest Manchester toasts hard seltzer brand win


Game Changers Podcast

Creating a podcast about how gaming can change the world


By order of the Peaky Blinders

Creating the legitimate online home for the hit TV show

See you tomorrow New York

Watch O's love letter to New York, shot on 16mm film


Samsung KX

Launching a cultural destination with a new influencer model


Show Stigma The Finger

The power of just one finger


Straws that don't suck

Introducing a brand that doesn't 'plastic coat' the facts about single-use plastics.

The importance of protecting our ideas

Why we thought it was time to stand up for IP

We build brands that change the world

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