PR you ready for this: life as an Account Executive

 When I first told people I was moving to Manifest to be an Account Executive, it was often met with a wow. A pause. And you’ll definitely not be bored there’.

Admittedly, that did scare me a little. Bored was an odd word though. I was never bored at my last agency, in fact, I was always kept on my toes, running from pillar to post to launch events and support campaigns. So if those people thought that was boring in comparison Manifest, what had I just signed up for?!

Account Executive

It turns out though, I love it. I love the spinning plates, the juggling of projects, the Fika on a Tuesday, being lucky enough to work with innovative brands and the diversity of Account Executive life at Manifest. I want to be somewhere that challenges me, fascinates me and y’know what, maybe even scares me a little. Manifest felt just right.

Not your average PR agency

You don’t have to be here long to realise it’s not a traditional agency and celebrates that fact. Better yet, shouts it from the Penthouse rooftop. Breaking down creative boundaries and doing things differently are part and parcel of everyday life. It’s apparent from the moment you walk through the door as the huge pink neon sign emblazoned on the office wall declares ‘WELCOME HOME SEXY’.

Account Executive

Creativity isn’t restricted to an hour brainstorm slot once a week. Conversations and ideas are being thrown around the office whenever someone has a light bulb moment. You quickly learn to flourish in the creative freedom that Manifest allows the Account Executive role… It’s not about ticking things off the generic PR checklist, but about creating meaningful stories with a difference that gets everyone excited. We’re building brand narratives with strategic activity, not one-time stunts for the sake of a headline.

The office is completely email-free internally (something I thought to surely be impossible), favouring Slack to work faster and smarter. And y’know what, it works so much better. People actually talk to each other instead of sitting at desks sending updates like keyboard warriors. Plus it means our friends in the New York and Stockholm offices can join in the fun too. It’s about expanding our curiosity and communication outside of client work, so we have dedicated Slack channels for great books we’ve read and cool shit we’ve seen. Manifest totally relishes in other cultures and ways of thinking. So much so, that the Swedish custom of Fika has been introduced as a regular Tuesday afternoon treat (a break where screens are switched off to sit down with colleagues, a cup of something hot and a plate of pastries to you and me).

#LoveMyJob moments

  1. Tracking down a bright blue tractor to drive around central London
  2. Finding a taxidermy polar bear (why not)
  3. Choosing one too many ciders over the sensible option at Thursday Club – what better way to meet some exciting industry big wigs be truly welcomed into the very mad, very inspiring Manifest family.

So, maybe now I understand those raised eyebrows a little better and I’ll smile proudly back as a Manifestee.

Account Executive

Fancy giving the Account Executive life a go? Drop us an email to with why we should interview you and we’ll take it from there.

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