Did someone say Thursday Club?

If you haven’t joined us before, Thursday Club is that time of the month where we grab a drink with the old, the new, the thirsty. Because what’s better than being in the pub with friends on a Thursday evening. We’ll make our friendship Facebook official and everything. The brief? As ever… To be bigger, better… Thursday-er.

Thursday Club Posters

Thank Manifest it’s Thursday Club.

Let’s have a bit of a catch-up with a beer. And wine. Maybe shots… why don’t we see how the night goes yeah? Speaking from experience, this is where the best relationships (work and otherwise) blossom. If you’ve been there before… Ready to go again? Because, just like clockwork, #thursdayclub will always come back for more. Once a month to be exact.

Thursday Club Grid

Let’s make Thursday great again.

That’s #thursdayclub so come and see our fabulous faces and get involved in the chat. Dress code: whatever you’re wearing on Thursday. Keep an eye on Twitter for the next one.

See you next Thursday!