Introducing one half of our Swedish dream team: Josefine

Fresh from her honeymoon, one half of our Swedish dream team is back in the office, absolutely smashing work and married life. Now it’s time for us to get as up close and personal with Josefine (our Co-Founder and Director in Stockholm) as a blog post will allow.


I grew up in Norrköping and I spend all my summers at the island Gotland outside of Sweden. I  lived in Italy for two years during my teens, and for the past seven years I have lived in Stockholm.

How many years in PR

Time flies when you’re having fun, it’s about four years now!

Campaign that has most impressed you

Off the top of my mind: “the Swedish number” by the Swedish tourist association where everyone in the whole world could call a Swedish number, and a random swede picked up and told the person calling about Sweden from their perspective.

Go to publication

Omni, Dagens Media and of course, the bible – Vogue.

Dream client

Spotify. Just because they are Spotify. *Proud Swede*

When I’m not working I’m…

Travelling OR making plans for the next trip OR dreaming about the next trip OR stalking travel influencers on Instagram.

The karaoke song I nail every time

Mamma Mia by ABBA. My mother is called Mia so for her 40th birthday, me, my sisters and my father re-wrote the lyrics to be about her and performed it together at the party. After that, it’s always Mamma Mia at karaoke.

Favourite drink

At the beach: Pina Colada. During dinner: Champagne. On the dance floor: Vodka Russchian.

One thing I can’t live without

My husband!


Favourite film

I like films based on true stories or historical events like Long Walk to Freedom and The Untouchables.

What would you do as Manifest MD?

I would hire an Italian chef for every Manifest office. Pizza, pasta and burrata for all Manifesties eeerrrr day!

Josefine can be found tweeting here if you fancy giving her a follow. Or a cheeky Twitter stalk. We’ll leave it with you.

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