Rize Up, look sharp: reflecting on the under 25 voting force

In one of the most dramatic elections of our generation, early reports tell us there was a 73% voting turnout amongst the under 25s age group. Let’s just take a moment. Never before have young people been mobilised to vote in such numbers in what was a seminal moment in British politics. RECOGNISE. As something very close to our hearts, we wanted to share how we were able to get involved, as well as chatting to our very own under 25s about their reasons for voting. Of course, we also wanted to share our top election moments on Twitter. Just because. 

Rize Up

Rize Up to the challenge

Rize Up is an independent registration campaign for the forgotten generation. Rather than browbeating young people with how voting is their responsibility, Rize Up took a different approach, by empowering the disillusioned and under-represented, focusing on the impact their vote could have. It sparked a dynamic, independent campaign online and in the streets by enlisting artists, influencers and street teams to create commercial partnerships and crowdfunding initiatives; combined with cutting edge technology, face-to-face campaigning, and traditional media to spread its message in a credible, authentic tone of voice. We offered our own pro bono support to reach the under 25’s, which we’ll be telling you lots more about very soon… Until then, we’ll leave you with, ‘We Need A Change’ by #Rizeupuk Sound System feat Big Narstie + Tommy Jules.


Represent… Why our under 25 Manifestees voted

Ellie: I voted because I realised the power under 25s could have if we all voted. When we first starting working with Rize Up, I think it was bossman, Alex, that broke it down for us. He said one of the reasons why under 25s didn’t vote was because they couldn’t relate to the policies, which is completely true. If more of us voted then they would be forced to listen and make policies based on what we want, in order to gain our vote. I was so proud when I left the polling station! Straight away I went on Instagram (obvs) to upload an image of the polling station using #IVoted.

Zac: I voted because I can. This election was the first election that I’ve been old enough to vote in, so it was exciting to finally be able to take part in politics, rather than just hear about it. If I’m honest, heady ideals about my vote making a real difference weren’t the reason I registered to vote, but rather because I’d been looking forward to being involved in it for years.

Elsa: I voted because I think it’s imperative for young people to vote, especially young women, as we’re the category least likely to vote. Unless we stand up to have our voices heard, older generations will continue to hold conversations and pass policies without us in mind.

Best election moments on Twitter

In amongst dramatic and often gloomy headlines about the state of British politics, it’s all too easy to forget the moments of pure brilliance it has brought us in recent times. So, we’ve taken the liberty of reminding you of our own favourite election moments captured on the mirror of life that is Twitter.

We’re yet to meet another human who doesn’t love this gif.


High five goals…



The Royal struggle is real.

You’re welcome.

Were you a new under 25 voter this year? We’d love to know what motivated you to vote – hit us up on @ManifestLDN.