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In Session is a regular knowledge webinar series from the INCITE team.

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This month's events

Workplace Culture

Inside the Wellness Revolution – Building a Billion $ industry

with Michael Acton Smith, Calm

Wednesday 2nd December, 3pm (GMT)

Why mental health and sleep have become cornerstones to our lives and how brands can play in the space.

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Breaking the Mould — Running an All-Female Kitchen Empire

with Asma Khan, Darjeeling Express

Thursday 10th December, 3pm (GMT)

Join Asma Khan for this exclusive session on changing the world of London restaurants.

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Navigating Workplace Sh*tstorms

with Cate Sevilla

Wednesday 16th December, 3pm (GMT)

Cate joins us to discuss details of her new book which includes surviving nightmare bosses, avoiding burnout, ditching comparison culture & more.

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Past Events

Futureproofing Communications

Political Propaganda — the good, the bad and the funny

with Drew Curtis & guests

Monday, 2nd November, 3pm (GMT)

Ahead of the US Election, we bring together a panel to go through their favourite election posters and ads of campaigns past.

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Sex & Drugs & Vegan Sausage Rolls

with Jenny Kleeman

Monday 9th November, 3pm (GMT)

Join us as Jenny Kleeman unpacks the ethics of the unique stories she tells with great empathy, delving into the human impact of situations.

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Life’s a Pitch – why and how the pitch process should evolve

with Jon Evans, The Uncensored CMO

Wednesday 18th November, 3pm (GMT)

The Uncensored CMO, Jon Evans discusses what’s broken about the pitch process, and how brands and agencies can approach it differently.

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The Art of Culture Jacking

with Chomoi Picho-Owiny, Manifest

Friday 20th November, 3pm (GMT)

Chomoi Picho-Owiny, Creative Director for Manifest, is making the case for relevancy, product re-design and a little bit more Grime.

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Beyond Sustainability

BrewDog: Tomorrow starts today

with James Watt

Wednesday 7th October, 3pm (GMT)

An exclusive Q&A with BrewDog founder James Watt the craft beer brand’s carbon neutral future

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WTF is ESGP? Why doing good is good business

with Nik Govier

Tuesday 13th October, 3pm (GMT)

Understanding ESGP with Nik Govier of Blurred

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Business Unusual – How purpose is reshaping our economy

with Ola Jönsson, Coest

Thursday, 15th October, 3pm (GMT)

Cofounder of Coest Ola Jönsson talks to us about what the word business means

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In Conversation with Jimi Famurewa

Friday, 16th October, 4pm (GMT)

Julian Obubo hosts Jimi Famurewa to celebrate Black History Month

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Plan B – WTF is B-Corp & how does it shape brands and agencies?

Wednesday, 28th October, 3pm (GMT)

John Brown, founder at Don’t Cry Wolf hosts a talk about why agencies achieve B-Corp status, & why more brands and agencies should pursue it

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Our free archive


Death Knell of the Brainstorm

with Karel Kumar, Manifest

Rethink the way ideas are generated in an age of remote working.

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What Kids Want from Brands

an in-depth Q&A session

We asked three switched on, activist kids their thoughts on what brands can do to change the world.

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Be More Pirate

with Alex Barker

A frontline perspective on the courage and conviction required to rewrite the rules of the 21st century.

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Driven by Data

A 30-minute turbo session with Sam Cookney

In this packed 30-minute turbo session, Sam will explain how to use data and measurement at every stage of your influencer campaigns to maximise your results.

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When should a brand shut up?

Hosted by Bec Chelin & Lee Benecke

Exploring brand rep, remaining authentic, and the importance of avoiding tokenism.

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How to be an Anti-Racist company

Hosted by Julian Obubo

We go back through history to understand the origins of the concept of race, and examine how we have been conditioned to see the world through the lens of race for centuries.

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Sticking it
to stigma

Hosted by Jessica Becker & Ali Maynard James

Sticking it to stigma explores the questions of influence, authenticity, and a brand’s place in fighting stigmas.

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The ‘S’ Word: shaping a strategy in brand communications

Hosted by Alex Myers & Julian Obubo

Understanding how a ‘significant brand’ needs to focus on change, rather than channels.

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