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Job Description

An Account Manager at Manifest is the beating heart of the campaign, providing an essential bridge between creative work, logistics, team resource, suppliers, reporting and our clients’ unique and individual motivations. The impact of doing this job well is massive – for the client, the work and the agency. By providing an organised, empathetic and charismatic presence on both client and agency side, an AM amplifies the efficacy of campaigns and converts clients into satisfied and loyal advocates of the Manifest way of doing things.

What is expected of an Account Manager?

In this role, you will liaise with all of Manifest’s internal teams (from Strategic resources to content creators) to improve the entire customer experience, protect the creative integrity of Manifest’s work and make sure the campaigns we deliver meet our brief.

Through writing briefs, acting as an internal client during the approvals process, selecting teams and individuals for projects, resource planning creative work, developing new business proposals and taking charge of all external communications with clients, an AM is a content creator in their own right and the custodian of quality across the entire client experience.

What does the future hold?

For someone who excels as an Account Manager, the possibilities are endless. In the immediate future, an Account Director role beckons, extending your responsibilities to senior clients, adding campaign content quality control and budgeting to daily responsibilities. You can also bring your people skills to ExCo, where you can more directly help and positively influence the lives of other team members, while building policies and procedures that prevent or eradicate issues from the working environment at Manifest.

Your skillset makes you perfect for taking on more new business responsibilities, leading chemistry meetings and pitches. You’re also a great judge of both character and the resource we need in the agency, so being involved in recruitment and team development is a natural fit.

Beyond AD, you’re prime material for a Business Director if your heart lies in improving the business from the inside and helping to rebuild what’s expected of communications agencies. Or you may choose to specialise in client services, taking on a Client Service Director role and building an infrastructure in which Account Managers can grow and excel. Then, who knows – AMs make great MDs and Ops Directors. The world is your oyster.

Sound interesting? Great.

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