FanHero is the most powerful fan engagement platform, providing a full featured fan engagement platform that allows users to engage, understand and monetise their reach. Manifest were tasked with taking the brand to the next level, as the stakeholders set themselves the mission to make FanHero become the leader in the “personality” mobile platform provider market.


The old FanHero logo

The old logo wasn't too bad, but relied on a bit too heavily on a comic style which would stop further expansions into other verticals; something FanHero were very conscious of. We created a strong, robust logo, using an emerging star motif within the A to set it all apart. The brand needed to work across two markets, fans and heroes, so we needed to create a brand to suit both. Stemming from the brand essence 'Empowerment', created in the BrandManifesto, we created the line 'People. Powered.' giving the brand that perfect balancing point between both audiences.
That balancing point was a key theme throughout the generation of the rest of the identity. FanHero is all about getting closer and making connections so we illustrated that by putting both elements together, creating a subtle visual metaphor for all top level brand collateral. From there, an expansive set of brand guidelines were created that covered all identity use, tone of voice and brand hierarchy which would help FanHero expand into other verticals.  


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