Ever wondered what gets you coverage on both Saturday Night Live and Kocktails with Khloe in the same weekend? The answer is Manhattan’s first ‘GuyFi Booth’, a private space for the city’s men to ‘de-stress’, access free wifi and get a much needed break away from the busy office environment.

UK sex toy brand, Hot Octopuss, wanted to raise its profile in the US and increase sales of PULSE, its innovative men’s vibrator launched in 2013. But how do you make an old product new news and continue to drive sales? We started by conducting an in-depth social listening programme across November and December to research conversations online about sex and masturbation. This deep dive revealed that many people still found masturbation a taboo topic and something they wouldn’t openly discuss.

Endless research papers prove that masturbation has numerous health benefits – it reduces stress, increases productivity and makes you more creative. We recognised the opportunity to shake things up and instigate debate around masturbation, positioning Hot Octopuss as a brand breaking down taboos.

Activity was planned to land on Blue Monday – officially the most depressing day of the year – the day when masturbation could provide the biggest helping hand.


Manifest Hot Octopuss Pulse Guyfi booth

Joining the dots between the brand and the booth, the public and media dubbed it a ‘masturbation booth’, resulting in an online frenzy. The media interest was phenomenal – and global. The New York Times and Vice asked to send journalists down to try out the booth for themselves and in the UK, national titles such as the Daily Mirror, The Sun and the Metro all ran the story and asked when the GuyFi booth would be coming to London.

Broadcast media were just as intrigued with GuyFi appearing on Saturday Night Live’s second highest watched episode (4 million viewers), reality star Khloé Kardashian discussed the booth on her new show, Kocktails with Khloé, to over 490,000 viewers, and the UK’s Channel 4 featured the booth on its Sex Box programme. Further interview requests came in from the Howard Stern show and Hot Octopuss founder, Adam Lewis, was interviewed on Australian radio.

A video created by Complex explaining the arrival of the booth referred 24% of all new traffic to Hot Octopuss’ website alone.


The GuyFi booth certainly divided opinion and we heard from people on both sides of the fence. We used Hot Octopuss’ Twitter channels to engage with people and break down the taboos around masturbation.


  • Traffic to the Hot Octopuss website in the days following launch increased by 2,496%
  • Online conversation about masturbation increased by 74%
  • Sales of PULSE shot up by 100%
  • Hot Octopuss was inundated with product requests from new stockists around the world.

“Our 100% increase in sales is purely down to Manifest’s ballsy attitude and determination.”

Adam Lewis, CEO and Founder, Hot Octopuss


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