Innis & Gunn, an independent craft brewery based in Edinburgh, was looking for a campaign to launch its equity crowdfunding effort (AdventureCapital™) and raise awareness of its commitment to pushing the boundaries of the beer industry through innovation and technology.

The aim of AdventureCapital™ was to raise £1 million, via Crowdcube crowdfunding with investments starting at £10. The money raised was to fund the brewer’s continued experimentation with beers, increase the capacity at its newly acquired brewery and support the roll-out of The Beer Kitchen; Innis & Gunn’s award winning bar and restaurant concept specialising in food and beer pairings. Enter Sky.P.A.


AdventureCapital™ gains

What better way to turbo-charge the fundraising efforts, showcase the brand’s innovative vision for the future of the beer industry and pay tribute to its origins; than a beer made from water taken directly from Scottish clouds. Sky.P.A, was a fresh tasting limited-edition Indian Pale Ale made from water harvested from the clouds that formed over the Atlantic. These are rich in minerals and provided the beer with an invigorating flavour and engaging back story, not to mention an authentic communication platform that smashed the AdventureCapital™ investment target of £1m within 72 hours and helped raise more than double the amount of funds required.

Getting our head in the Scottish clouds

In order to harvest the Atlantic clouds and capture the water vapour for the beer, Manifest and Innis & Gunn created a bespoke airborne device fitted with a turbine and condenser that sucked moisture directly from the cloud and cooled it into water. With a hard date set for the crowdfunding launch, Manifest worked round the clock, and at the mercy of the Scottish weather, to ensure enough water was captured in time for the beer to be brewed. A four-person team flew the bespoke device over the impressive Devil’s Beef Tub in Moffat, Scotland, and collected enough cloud water to brew 500 pints. Throughout all communications, Manifest positioned Innis & Gunn as the craft beer brand defining the industry, called for people to ‘invest in the future of beer’ and demonstrated the potential the investment fund could unlock through the creation of Sky.P.A.

Harvesting Scottish cloud water for Sky.P.A.

Did someone say award winning?

Sky.P.A. won Publicity Stunt of the Year at the 2017 Sabre EMEA Awards.

Ace. Show me more stuff like this.