Mindfulness. Taking five. Making time for yourself. Giving your head, space. We all know we should do it, but how many of us actually dedicate time to ensure we give our brains and bodies that much needed recuperation period to ensure we are at our best, most of the time. Guilty.

For the creative industry this is especially important for companies and communication experts to take on board. We push ourselves daily, (and sometimes nightly) to be creative, think of new never-been-done before campaign constantly, and without giving ourselves a break, this can be exhausting.

We have many things implemented at Manifest to ensure we don’t get the dreaded burn out. Our Happiness Office, Lucy, works hard to keep our team refreshed, energised and ultimately happy.

But we know not everyone is as lucky to have someone looking after them which is why we created The Big Break for our client Workfront. An integrated campaign which the team here were super passionate about.


workfront big break balloons

Workfront is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management platform that helps marketing teams conquer the chaos of excessive email, redundant status meetings and disconnected tools. Our creative campaigns focus on bringing to life the benefits for organisations and their employees rather than features and functions.

We were tasked with communicating how Workfront supports and enables marketing teams to focus on developing creative work rather than getting bogged down in unnecessary status meetings and isolated work practices.

Regular breaks are proven to increase productivity and quality of work. Inspiration and creativity can come from the most unlikely places. A five-minute break can be the difference between a killer campaign and one that needs to be put down.


Our ‘Big Break’ installation invited marketing teams and businesses to join us to unwind, clear the mind and relax for 20 minutes. Adult colouring, massages and mindfulness sessions helped people to re-find their creative focus.

This integrated campaign included experiential activity, media relations, social media community management and video production. Coverage followed in target Workfront publications such as The Drum, London Evening Standard, People Management and B2B Marketing.

We wanted creative workers to take on board how valuable and effective a break can be to their daily lives and help them perform better at work. So – why don’t you take a quick break now and be more productive?

workfront big break colouring

workfront big break massage

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