Don’t react to the changing shape of the media, drive it.

For us, every campaign, every project and even every press release is a blank canvas: an opportunity to have a genuine impact on our clients’ performance. Even the smallest task is not something that simply needs to be done – it is an opportunity to go and do something.

That’s why we love what we do, and that’s why what we do works.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, build it.

We are a creative collective that changes things. That doesn’t just relate to campaigns that improve the perceptions and performance of our clients – but also to our enthusiasm to pioneer new methods and resources. At Manifest, we not only adopt the newest channels of communication, we build them.

Kick the shit out of the opportunity to be remarkable.

As a young, ambitious agency, Manifest is swift, bold and versatile in its approach. Our clients will always have a team built around their needs, and our team will continue to offer diversity in both character and talent.

This philosophy ensures every member of your team has the courage and the intuition to propose new ideas, providing Manifest London with a distinct business character of innovation, drive and creativity.

Show a healthy disregard for the impossible.

There are too many parameters to creativity that are constructs of an industry too fond of the comfort zone. Time and time again we have proven that bravery and a commitment to trying what is right for a brand, rather than what is expected or accepted, can break new ground in effectiveness.